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 I for sometime have wanted a business that golfers could make some money and enjoy.  Wouldn’t having $200, $300 or more a month coming in to pay for green fees, dues, lessons, balls or clubs be great?  Most businesses that are presented to be easy are internet related and most MLM.  However with technology advancing and more unique ways of promoting…  comes AVA ( Automated Virtual Assistant).  That’s right… we can utilize AVA and have her do all the marketing for us.  Thus freeing up our time to enjoy golf (and share AVA with golfers) while she works.  Explaining all the details is what AVA does.
                                  This is not a strictly golf business but can be used by most all people.  I will use it to promote GolfWorxUSA.  You might promote your own business.  However you don’t have to own a business or promote a product other than AVA to earn $100’s.  Golf100 get it’s name form $100 fees being earned sharing with golfers.
                                  Of course I am available for questions but let AVA do her job.  Call 270-551-6616 today (you can opt out any time) or go to  Simply share with fellow golfers, friends, family or business associates.  AVA does the rest!

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