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 Again, Welcome to GolfWorxUSA. 

With the Coronavirus a new appreciation of the game of golf has emerged by many new players.  More and more people have sought that outdoor activity that is not high risk but still has all the many advantages associated with physical activity.  In talking with a general manager of a golf course recently, he indicated his rounds of play had more than tripled since the pandemic.  Tee time are becoming more and more harder to obtain.  Golf has given us something more to appreciate about the game.

GolfWorxUSA has as goal to provide enjoyment, discounts on golf products and services, some humor and also recently added a way golfers can make money.  Locally I have also been giving golf lessons.  If you live in short radius of me please consider me when hiring a golf instructor.  As a certified movement specialist with TathataGolf I teach simple movements that when learned and applied together produce a very reliable golf swing.  I help all levels… from beginners to college athletes to seniors.  We have fun while learning the game of golf.

As you scroll down you will see some of our new offerings.  Dynamic Golfers is great. My flexibility has increased so much from just a little of over a month of following their program.  Own Your Golf Game has given me added distance and also provided me new techniques and drills to teach.  Most exciting…. the new AVA (automated virtual assistant) that golfers can share with golfers (and business owners) to help promote products/services and make money at the same time.  We all can use some income to help toward green fees, dues, lessons, clubs, etc.  I am about to post a new golf product that was popular on Shark Tank.

I intend to get back to writing some new blogs. Hopefully the readers will find them entertaining and informative.  Suggestions are welcome as well.  Golf stories are welcome.  Contact me personally.

So… let’s get out and play a around of golf.  From some of my reading I have a question for you.  Who is the better golfer?  The one who enjoys the game the most or the one who scores the best?  Well of course it depends on your definition of better but it does prompt a great point… that of enjoyment!  You know we are all equal in 18 hole out putts… how many putts it takes to get to the 18 is the question. ha!  Hope you take advantage of the site and enjoy golf.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits… more and more clubs are providing fitness opportunities in order to hopefully grow membership. For Game Improvement much of todays training takes in the mental side as well as more emphasis of physical strength, flexibility and endurance. Enjoyment of the Game is sorta taken for granted and left to the individual (we will try to provide new ways of appreciating the game). Everyone likes to Save Money and there are golf deals if golfers are willing to explore and take advantage of certain promotions.

GOLFWORXusa To Get Better…

We want each reader/golfer to keep coming back to GOLFWORXusa to get Better… whether it be because of just one of our categories or all four. I have always said “The bad keeps you coming back and the good keeps you coming back to play golf”. Well we want the GOOD of GOLFWORXusa to keep you coming back. An enhancement of the “feeling of the game” and an enhancement “of the love of the game” is a worthwhile goal and we are committed to helping our readers/golfers achieve those enhancements.

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