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A good shot deserves a good shot! Ha! A shot of whisky whether taken literally or that magical feeling in a round of golf can produce a high for the game of golf.

I remember playing years ago when a member of the group playing immediately in front of us comes back to the tee box. This group was well known for partaking of the spirits and most of us just thought he had lost his ball or had to hit another drive for some reason. Well, in a funny sorta stuttering way he tells us “he forgot to hit his drive”. He couldn’t find his ball.. he never hit his ball and was looking for the ball he never hit. We laughed as he hit a decent drive and proceeded to play the hole. We all know that a “shot or two of whisky” can be very literal on the golf course and result in unexpected circumstances.

However a feeling of a “shot of whisky” can come from hitting some really good golf shots or that special view of the green and flag. Our brain is in some ways like a distillery…pumpin’ strange whisky into our bloodstream and intoxicating us. We have to feed the right things to our distillery, or we can get some bad whisky. Feeding our brains the right things can produce some of those inspiring feelings. The type of feelings that golf needs. Not the stress of having to make all great shots, not the stress of trying too hard and not the stress of perfection.

So… as you go from hole to hole, to adventure to adventure you are making a mistake if you think the game is meant for the shots only. Golf in my opinion is about high levels of enjoyment and states of well-being… a much wider range of these than we take the time to realize.

Remember that golf is a round “of shots”(no pun intended) and a journey. Yes, a round of whisky shots of feelings. So here is a toast to your next round of golf..”May you ENJOY life and those special MOMENTS and appreciate the game of golf!”

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