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The old saying “drive for show and putt for dough” is thrown around a lot on the golf course. The fact is we putt many more times than we drive. I am sure this fact helped create the saying. However… we must all agree that hitting fairways or at least near fairways where we have capable second shots is critical. Therefore golfers that hit straight drives will generally “take your money” on the course.

Through the years we lose driving yards but with different tees and the ability to hit the driver straight lower scores are as possible as ever. Who doesn’t want to hit straight drives? So a few tips on driving the ball straight without getting into swing techniques. Some of my thinking on this comes from my training with TathataGolf.

TIP #1…The confidence to hit the driver straight. Question: What comes first, good execution and then confidence or confidence and then good execution? Of course one helps the other but which comes first? I think most everyone agrees that poor confidence will result in a lot of poor shots as well as poor execution. Since I believe the mind plays such an important part in golf… I believe confidence comes first (the belief that the shot can and will be pulled off with desired result). You develop confidence to win… not try to win to develop confidence.

TIP #2…Get in “the zone” with your swing. Feel your swing from ground up. Set your body/stance with a feeling that the energy is coming up through your feet to produce energy in your core area. You are NOT thinking about swing thoughts. You are NOT thinking about hitting with the hands. You are NOT thinking about bad results or hazards. Hopefully, and I suggest you are thinking about how that great swing/shot feels coming off the club face. How it sounds hitting the sweet spot. How it will look going straight. That feeling of how it almost has already happened. You may not even realize what you have done til you have succeeded in a straight drive. If you have played golf at all you know that feeling of the “zone” although it may not be very often. The idea is to get to that mental state often.

TIP #3…Realize why you play GOLF. Everyone has their own personal reasons that motivate them to play the game. My belief is one of the most important or I feel should be important is ENJOYMENT of the game. It’s being with fellow golfers (even if you just met them..learn something about and from them). It’s enjoying the natural settings and the lay of the land and the beautiful day. It’s realizing it is NOT about perfection of your game. It’s obtaining that “child like feeling” and approaching each shot as if it is a gift. A gift to be enjoyed and appreciated.

SO… if you were looking for positioning of the hands, the swing plane to be on or how to initiate the downswing. Sorry… we want to learn to play the game and not just hit shots. Hopefully if the above tips strike you as something to consider your drives will be straighter and your heart warm for the beloved game of golf. Enjoy driving ‘em straight!

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