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Who doesn’t want to 1. Improve Consistency 2 .Boost club head speed and 3. Play pain free? For over a month now I have been using Dynamic Golfers personally. I try not to promote anything that I personally don’t believe in and have experienced. Movement is critical to good health in general and of course good flexible movement most important in the golf swing. Being a senior myself… finding the right degree of difficulty is paramount to most people and especially for those who may just be beginning a stretching routine. I can honestly say… Dynamic Golfers is PERFECT in that the movements are worthwhile but not over taxing. My day goes better when I spend a few minutes doing my golf stretching videos. Then when I am on the course my swing and overall enjoyment of the game has improved. The videos are not long, easy to follow and targeted to enhance the golf swing. I highly recommend Dynamic Golfers.

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